Content Development and Conversion Optimization

We develop and manage content to drive traffic to your website.

What is Content Development?
Content development is the process of researching, gathering, writing, editing, and producing engaging content for publication on websites. The content gathered for publication is not restricted to text, but also includes audio, video, pictures, and other digital assets that could enhance the aesthetic and purpose of the website.
What Is The Role of a Content Developer
Content developers are responsible for creating, managing, and updating content for websites. They are creative, able come up with new content, rewrite existing content, and have good editing and proofreading skills. Every website is different and has a specific target audience it must reach, a content developer should develop content that contains certain keywords that attracts and keep users on their website. A content developer must clearly understand the objectives of the organization and their target audience in order to produce and manage content.
Content Development Strategy
Developing a content marketing strategy is key in producing content. This strategy should include your business plan, your target audience, and your channel plan. Your business plan should cover the goals you have for your content and the value you are looking to provide through the content you are producing. Your target audience is where you highlight the specific audiences for whom your content is created for. Lastly, the channel plan should include platforms you will use to tell your story. There are parts of your strategy that should stay consistent, such as your mission and business goals. Whereas, other parts of your strategy such as your audience might need to be updated as your business grows and evolves.
Producing Content 
Producing such content and doing it consistently can be difficult for many businesses. It can be a huge time and resource commitment. Here at American Interactive Marketing, our content developers will work with your business to produce, manage, and update content, and ultimately drive traffic and produce results for your website.