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What is Social Media Advertising?
Social media advertising is a form of online advertising that specifically focuses on social networking services. There are many social networking services out there including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. The major advantage of this type of advertising is that the advertiser can use profile data along with other information to deliver advertisements directly to individual users.

How Do Advertisers Target Users?
People that are on social networking sites store information about themselves such as age, gender, location, and interests. This information allows advertisers to create specific target groups to deliver their advertisements to users. The advantage for the user is that they only see ads that appeal to them. The advantage for the advertiser is that their ad will only reach people who could be interested in their product or service.

Why Your Business Should Use Social Media Advertising 
Getting people to find your business is tough. Organic reach has declined over the years. And unless you are a celebrity, famous athlete, or an iconic brand name, the chances of people finding you online is slim to none. Social media Advertising is now the way to go. Social Media Advertising targets users who are most likely to buy or use your product or service, it does not put your ad out there in everyone’s face and annoy them like a promotional message. No matter which social media network you use, you must choose your audience, determine your budget, and monitor the results to determine if you are heading in the right direction and targeting the right audience.